Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finally, A Tony Fisher-golden cube

I have this wonderful relationship with Tony. He makes great puzzles, I buy them. :-)

Tony has been around puzzles longer than I have, and as much as I'd love to say I have all of his, I simply don't have enough money!

For those of you that don't know, Tony makes all his puzzles by hand. He has some interesting ideas and even more interesting ways of making them. Tonight I'm going to show you his mini golden cubes.

This one is a nice little cube. It's made from the Meffert's skewb keychains. I'm not exactly sure when he made this one, but you can see a nice history of them on his page here. This is one of the puzzles he has had mass produced by Meffert's in a much larger size.

Now this one is a bit of a headache to solve. It has a number of oddly shaped pieces attached to the skewb. When solving, it is not just a matter of getting the colors to the right side, but moving the pieces around to the right orientation. A royal pain in the ... But fun to attempt anyway.

Tony did warn me that the key chain versions have this tendency to fall apart. Since mine has a pretty signature on it, I've not mucked it up so my solving experiences comes from the Mass produced versions. (And yes, I have the whole set-2 sets in fact, with an extra copper one that Uwe signed for me-oh dear bragging again.)

I also have a sliding puck, and the first I ever purchased from Tony was a nesting Dogic. My photograph brainbox is acting up (as usual) and the camera is packed in the suitcase so sorry, no photos of those two unless I can get that darned thing to behave itself.

Well, I'm off for a 'working holiday' Seriously this time. I work for 15-20 minutes and the rest of the week is holiday. (And listening to others) But the highlight of this trip for me is not going to be hearing myself speak, although I never tire of that, but meeting a group of puzzlers while there. My bags are packed, but more importantly the travelling puzzles are packed.

See you all after the weekend.

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  1. At least I sae the Nesting Dogic once. Have a good trip in Taiwan~