Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hanayama book puzzles

A few days ago Gabriel reported on a Hanayama book puzzle that he got and I thought I'd add a few of my own.  I picked these up in 2010 at Torito in Tokyo. They were among the last of my puzzle purchases of that years IPP.  

The first up is an egg.  I have a version of this in wood somewhere around the house, so I only took it out and took the photo. Basically you snap together two of the gold bits, add a silver bit, snap in another gold bit then add a silver bit and you have a ball (yolk) inside an egg.  This design was made by none other than the rather prolific puzzle designer Oskar.

Following up is a packing type puzzle.  This one has 10 tiles that you need to match one, two or three fireworks to within the grid.  I'm not explaining that well, but it is pretty understandable really.  This one is by Lixy.  It's a bit tricky, but by process of elimination it is solvable.

The final one is called something along the lines of Disco.  5 Guys were out for a night on the town and had one too many. They need to Be packed into a cab and sent home.  They have obviously been hitting the sauce as can be seen in the photo below.  Inside there tummies each has a card suit and there is an extra star. Now as far as I can tell from the packaging, there are 4 different challenges.  Three with four different wonky men and the last with all five pieces. While this looks easy, I still haven't managed to find all the solutions.  It will keep for another puzzling day.  Hanayama also made 2 more that I don't have.  One has something to do with cheese, and the last looks like a bunch of triangles.  Maybe I'll pick those up next year....


  1. Hmmmm, packing puzzles... Very interesting puzzles, indeed. That goes to show that Hanayama is not just the Cast Series.

  2. There's a lot more than just this...crystal puzzles, the woody series, toss in a few old fashioned board games and a twisty or two...oh yes, and the electronic ones.....

  3. Those Funky men are "Dancing Murder" designed by Mineyuki Uyematsu.

    A unique solution for each of the combinations of 4/5 dancing men in the 15x15 tray, and two solutions to pack all 5 into a 15x19 tray.

  4. Thanks Neil, I just read that somewhere a couple of days ago. The way it's set up here though, there is no way any sane person could pack that into the tray provided-maybe the insane yes...

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