Sunday, April 8, 2012

An EGGciting Easter!

I was going to EGG you on and EGGsadurate about the number of EGGS I have in my collection, but I'm just not that kind of girl.  I then thought of putting all my EGGS in one basket, but if I did that, then you wouldn't be able to see them.  I thought of making scrambled EGGS with some of them, but if I did that, it might give away the solutions.  So instead, I give you EGGS............

So there you have it folks.  EGGS!  Sadly, this is not all of my EGGS.  I'm missing an EGG or 8 (and maybe more because I really don't know how many I have!) and by the time I realized it, I had all the eggs put away.  Story of my life.  Always one short.

Across the top row and the last one in the second row are the Meffert's Golden Eggs.  These were designed by Tony Fisher and released a few years back.  They are now out of production and fetch a hefty price on eBay or any other auction site you may find them on.

The second row starts with a set of 3x3x3 eggs, the second in that row was made by Frank Schwartz by molding.  The other 4 in that row are again Meffert's eggs designed this time by Adam Cohen.  As an aside and an interesting bit of trivia, Uwe once told me this was the only puzzle he ever got the computer files for that didn't need tweaking by the engineers in the factory.

Third row starts with another 2 3x3x3 eggs, this time from Witeden I believe.  We all think they look more like potatoes, but don't's a secret.  A Columbus Egg comes next.  The object of this one is to have it stand on end.  You can see a red bar in the window-that means I've solved it.  On to a dragon's egg made for me by my young friend Quicksolver.  The puzzle here is to find the word-I'll give you a hint, it starts with an R.  After that is an egg delivered by an Easter bunny in years past.  A very simple put together.

Fourth row.2 more of  those eggs from the start of the previous row.  The silver one was never sold, it was a gift when I went on a shopping spree in their shop.  Another Columbus egg follows.  This one is from the Chicago World's Fair in 1892.  That is probably my oldest puzzle.  Same object, stand it on end. A Mag-nif jigsaw puzzle egg is up next followed by a blue Bantum egg.  Another from a World's Fair, but I can't remember the year off hand.

Row five starts with yet another Columbus Egg.  This one made by Peoples in Japan, 1992.  I'm pretty sure the white egg next in line and at the start of row 6 are for darning socks, but since they came in a box full of other puzzles and are magnetic, there has to be something there....If any one has any information on these I would love to hear about them.  A wooden jigsaw that I picked up in Japan a few years ago follows that.  Last in the row is an egg called Screwy Egg.  Yet another Columbus egg style puzzle.  I have about 6 more of these in varying colors if anyone is interested, I might be persuaded to auction them off....

Row six is another of those magnetic unknowns followed by my all-time favorite egg!  Chinny's "think Like a Man"  No, no, the name is really Newton's egg and to solve it, well, you can either think like a man, or like Newton.  Your choice.

Row seven is Rick's Egg Balance.  He used this as an exchange puzzle in IPP31.  Boy am I glad I exchanged that year.  I've had almost as much fun with this one as I have had with the Newton's Egg.

On the outside you can see two more Columbus Eggs.  The left is an Anchor Stone one given out at IPP31, and the right is a Binary Arts version of the same puzzle.  These are both Tangram type puzzles that come with a book of shapes to make.

Happy Easter all!  I hope you enjoyed the eggs!


  1. Beautiful collection Rox! After watching a YouTube video by Superantoniovivaldi on the Mefferts golden egg, I would like to get one. I would prefer gold or silver but after your comment here I doubt I could afford it :-(

    Your collection puts mine to shame! I am working on it though - now have 37 different twisties! Have solved all but 4! Now to find the cash for a golden egg - may have to sell one of her handbags - it's for a good cause isn't it?

    Kevin x

  2. Kevin, would you believe once upon a time I passed one up on auction for a whopping GBP 0.99! I would estimate these are going for around 100 now.

    And I'm not touching that handbag sale with a 10 foot pole. One day I might meet the present Mrs. S. and I would like to stay alive. That laser look you talk about, it would be the end of me I'm sure! For what it's worth, you might not want to sell one either. We might never meet if you do.....