Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tea Time

Today's puzzle sadly is again, not mine.  I had the opportunity to play with this one at IPP31 in Berlin and again last Sunday when I had a late lunch with Otis. 

It is a twist on a classic string disentanglement.  I won't give away the solution for it, but realized when looking at it again it's not as difficult as I thought I remembered it being.  Or maybe I was just overwhelmed with puzzle play at IPP that I never realized at the time.  Doesn't matter. It's a lovely looking puzzle simply because of the materials used.  That wooden cup is mighty thin and I'm sure it would never be used to drink tea from.  

The object of the puzzle is to remove the sugar cube as well as the spoon that are looped through the handle of the cup.  This puzzle can be purchased through contacting the designer, Victor Lam, via email. Information for him can be found on the 2011 Puzzle Design Competition page.   Even though I know the solution, I've just ordered one because it's kind of pretty!

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