Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This puzzle is a play on the name of an old video game those of my generation knew and loved. Other than having one Pac and four ghosts, there is no other resemblance to the 80's game. I would have to say though that it is just as much fun.

This was made by Chris Enright of acrylic and ABS plastic. It's a packing puzzle that is anything but easy. I've been defeated by a childhood memory!

When I saw this puzzle at IPP I fell in love with the idea. Or rather with the memory of hamburger joints and one of the first games I got to play at home. I tried it in D.C. But made no progress. To be honest I completely forgot about it until fellow blogger Jerry wrote about it. When I read his blog, I went right now and wrote an email. Within a few weeks I received my puzzle and tossed it in my bag for future puzzling.

Last weekend I finally went back to testing and Pack-Man was the first to come out. Honestly, I was so frustrated by it that it was the only one to come out. Needless to say, I didn't manage to solve it by the end of my testing session. This one saw me with almost two hours on my hands but it simply wasn't enough time. So Pack-Man is back in my bag for next weekend.

I would definitely get this one if you can. The price isn't prohibitive and it's a lot of fun. Besides, how many puzzles can you play with and mumble over and over to yourself "waka-waka-waka"?


  1. Don't give up, Katsmom ! I just solved it, and there is no trap. A bit of logic helps. Think about the possible ways to get five elements into a rectangle. Then, select the right pieces in the right orientation in order to allow the repartition that you think is good.


  2. I await the sequel ... Ms. Pack-man ?? :-)

  3. I just cannot do packing puzzles! I thought it was just the 3D ones but no! I can't do tray puzzles either! I've been stuck on quintet in F for weeks now!


  4. I bought this puzzle and it is frustrating me too. However I agree that it is a great little puzzle and is well made (and fun... grrr!).

  5. This puzzle is well worth the money...looks colourful and simple but actually damn difficult...couldn't solve it without Chris Enright's help