Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday in GZ

Well the GZ puzzle party is over. Sunday came and went without puzzling-ok, with very little puzzling anyway. We decided to meet at the hotel again at 10 and do some sightseeing. Because of the night before, we managed to arrive at 10:30. Not bad all things considered. 
First stop was a museum dedicated to SunYat Sen. It was 5 levels of photos, pottery, and other curiosities. The best part was the view from the top floor. 
Second stop was a temple of sorts. AJ paid the 10RMB for us to enter and we took a walk around the building. And really, that was all it was. We saw a tree in a tree and then headed off. 
As we were walking through the park we stopped for a while and watched a few people playing some sort of feathered hackysack game. They let us have a go but of course rox was a total incompetent!  As we were leaving the skies opened up and we waited it out under a small gazebo. It must have lasted an hour!  
From there we headed to lunch with Mr. Fok yet again before heading back to the hotel to dry out a bit. I was very glad I left my luggage there. Dry socks!
Next stop was Mr. Fok's warehouse where Oskar showed yet another puzzle or two and George explained his. I asked mr. Fok for a copy of his newest puzzle and he gave one to each of us. Even signed them! And yet..More rain. We once again waited it out before going over to see the Canton (GZ) tower. I love the look of the building and it never fails to amaze! This time we went up!!! 108 floors is a tough call for a girl afraid of heights. But I made it to the top and even managed to walk out on the glass with a bit of help from my friends. I was shaking let me tell you!
As always, we looked for puzzles and weren't disappointed. Found a 2x2 keychain and a slide tile 15.  We took a few more photos with the lights on the building and made our way to the subway system. 
Because I was flying out to IPP in the early morning we parted company and I headed home. I heard they all had dinner together and I know lucky George and Oskar were getting a Hanayama factory tour in Monday. 
As for me? I'm posting this in the train in Tokyo heading for Disney! Here's hoping I find more puzzles!

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