Saturday, August 3, 2013

IPP 33

Well folks it's that time again. Katherine I got to Japan on Monday. At the airport We saw Rosemary and Harold. Together the three of us came to the hotel. When we got here we saw a few other puzzlers had a nice dinner together. And went to bed early. Tuesday's my kid and I at Disney sea. And on Wednesday we went to Disneyland with Andreas.  I know you're not interested in this part so I'll just let it pass.

Thursday was a great day we woke up in the morning and at 8:30 headed over to tribox and Hanayama. At Tarbox we looked at all of their puzzles and a cutting machine. Andrea went crazy taking photos for the twisty puzzles museum. George found a soma cube made out of a 3 x 3.  So we all had to buy one and get them signed. From there we headed off to the Hanayama offices. We looked at toys. We also saw some new products that they're coming out with but it's not a puzzle. All of us were given a gift of the cast cylinder the newest puzzle. It's a neat little thing. That has five pieces. They rated as a four out of six. Once again Andreas took photos for the puzzle museum. 

From there we had lunch. Andreas and George went back to the hotel. Jose Oskar Scott Catherine and I went on to the Tokyo sky tree. Once again I went up the tower terrified as I was but I managed. 

Later that evening we all had dinner together. And then set down to puzzle. Thursday was over.

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