Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blogger meets blogger

A few weeks back I was on Renegade forum and read about a new blogger.  This one posts interviews from the designers of the puzzles we know and love so much.  Turns out he lives in Hong Kong and works just down the road from me.  Well, I sent off a private message right away and we exchanged phone numbers.

A few weeks of messages going back and forth and we finally managed a time to meet up.  We decided a drink was in order (when isn't it?) and met at the local mariners club.

I got there about an hour earlier than Saul and had a beer while waiting.  I'd just ordered a second when he came in, and I've got to say, he's the kind of boy I like.  He walked in, ordered 2 beers and downed them lickety split.

Once we had established that drinking was on the table, we got down to some puzzling.

First up:  Why David of course.  Rox just loves that puzzle.  I would wear him all day long if I could.

We had chatted earlier about a few puzzles and Saul brought along Dancing Shoes.  A really nifty puzzle that is.  It has such an elegant movement to it.

I was asked to bring along Cast Delta because he wants to meet the designer.  I think that can be arraigned at some point...But because of another post over on renegade, I went ahead and brought along a Stickman box.  Saul was taken by it and fiddled away for quite a while.  Delta be damned.  He lost interest right away.   Anyway, here's hoping he interviews Robert for his blog.  There is an amazing puzzle of his and another 15 designers coming up for auction fairly soon.  If I were rich, I would definitely
go for it, but that kind of puzzle auction is way out of my price range.

From there I pulled out Eric's Cigar boxes and we fiddled with those for a while.  A few more toys came out and a few more beers went down. Being the holiday season, when Saul asked for something a bit stronger, I ordered an Advocat and a shot of whiskey.

We stuck around for a short while puzzling some more then headed out to a bar on the other side of town.   Yep.  He's a puzzler I can get along with!  I've decided to take him along for my next boys and toys across the border.  In the mean time, I've loaned him Robert's box and I have his dancing shoes...A perfect excuse to meet again.

A parting shot:
He can't be in that much pain can he?  it's only an innocent kiss from Rox.

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