Thursday, June 19, 2014

A good time with a fellow puzzler

After visiting Wil, Hendrik and I headed over to the general direction of Geert’s house.  We woke late because we enjoyed the stay at Wil’s so much, that we didn’t sleep very early.  I needed a bit of a break.  I think Hendrik was tired from the driving.  I found out today that it is some 670 km to Amsterdam from his home. 

We wandered around the general area that Geert lives in.  Looked at the ships going up and down the canal, drove around the area for a while then headed to Belgium (!) for supper.  We watched the end of one football game and had another of those tasty beers that we had with Wil.  Oh yes, and Schnitzel.  Food I enjoyed!

Our final stop for the evening was the hotel that very conveniently had a bar next door that just happened to be playing the football.  Well, I’m game.  I’ll try anything once.  What the heck!  When in Holland when they are playing in the world cup playoffs you may as well go watch with the natives!  Did I mention this is the first ever football game I’ve ever watched?

What great fun!  I really enjoyed the match.  Well, I enjoyed watching people enjoying the match.  Had a few beers as you do, and when Holland whipped Spain 5:1 (Spain’s one point was on a penalty kick that I swear was a bad call!) we headed out for a walk.  Back to the canal.  Hendrik was humoring me greatly.  He brought me out to see more stars.  I told him I wanted to and he obliged.  (Like I didn’t have enough sitting on the roof of the hotel at Warwick….)  I’m guessing I finally let him drag me back to my room around 2.  I’m a night owl you see.  That poor man was dropping when I said good night at his door. 

I appreciate the trips to numerous beaches so I could see the waves and freeze my bits off while I took a quick swim, the walks through the trees to sooth my big city girl soul.  I loved seeing the rabbits and the deer.  Thank you for pointing them all out to me.

I cannot thank Hendrik enough for the help he gave me while in Holland.  A tour guide, a driver, a good puzzle friend.  And yet again, as sad as I was to say goodbye, I know I’ll say hello again in 6 more weeks.  IPP here I come!

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