Thursday, June 5, 2014

Puzzle meet #3

After leaving Allard’s house, I was dropped off at the university to begin my conference.  The second evening I met up with Sue.  A girl I met many years ago while working on the Runes puzzle.  She and I lost much sleep over that one.  I was very glad we had the opportunity to finally meet in person. 

Her husband Denis came along with and we headed out to a pub for dinner.  I saw some beautiful Swans and their signets and wanted to pet them. Denis held me back saying the parents would take my arm off.  We can’t have that now can we? 

Off to the pub for dinner.  I had a pie with potatoes, and a pint!  Dessert was a Apple and plum crumble with cream.  Traditional British food.  I can now cross it off my list. 

Of course we had to have another pint or 6 so we spent the evening nattering away.  It was wonderfully comfortable.  Like we had been friends for years. I brought along Clamsterram and much to the bemusement of some local characters, We had to take photos.  I think they quite liked Rox playing with their hair….

Unlike my other puzzle meet-ups, we did not puzzle.  But we did agree to work the next one together.  Here’s hoping it comes in soon. It was really a great evening.  Thank you both for having me.

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