Sunday, February 19, 2012

IQ puzzle

What a prestigious name for a tiny little puzzle.  I think this is a real cutie.  I picked this up ages ago and haven't gotten around to playing with it.  The puzzle consists of 10 pieces; a black base, and 9 pieces to insert-not two of which are alike.  I Brought this along for my puzzling between test takers on Saturday and am glad I did. I was very disappointed with the Pesky parrots, but not so this one.  Once I finished the first puzzle, I dumped these out.  Nice and easy I figured it would be.  A walk in the park and all that.  10 minutes and I would be done.  Well, not so.  It took me about 15 to solve it.  Not a tough puzzle, but one that kept me entertained for the down time.  I would recommend this one to all who like a bit of a challenge, but not too much of one.  By process of elimination, you can work out where each piece can and cannot go.  There are a few solutions I'm sure.  I dumped and the pieces out and put them back in three or four times during the afternoon.
I'm guessing this one would be too frustrating for the bug until she's a bit more of an experienced puzzler.  So if you want to irritate your co-workers, this might be one to hand over.

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  1. I don't have to bring in puzzles to irritate my co-workers! It seems to happen naturally!!!

    Kevin x