Notes from Puzzle Palace

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This is a puzzle I have been hunting for a while.  After I got my micro-David I looked into the other Berrocal's that are wearable. ManyMoreHorses made the top of the list for the next one to buy.

This one is a real beauty.   When she came in the house, she was complete with her box and book.  Everything in the box was beautiful.   The box itself was in fantastic condition. This was a rare treat for me. That usually doesn't happen.  With the box came the book full of different designs that could be made out of the puzzle.  My two favorite things!  Jewelry and puzzles!  HEAVEN!

 When I opened it up, I found not two but three necklaces.  One with 11 pieces on the "Jewel B" and the other two necklaces of two different lengths.  I'm not sure what the lengths are, but the longer of the two is just too long for me but as it turns out, it's the perfect length for David and since my friends have been giving me hell for using a leather cord with him, he's been given a new chain.

No, the pieces are not pink, but my phone case is and there is a reflection.  Aren't they lovely!  A bit about this work of art.  It's not a puzzle, it (they!) really are art pieces.
According to the book that came with the necklace (see how it's now changed) there are "2 separate jewles"The first is a frame of 13 pieces + the ring, and the second is a chain with 11 pendants.  The top photo shows both pieces the lower shows the main piece in a state of confusion (much like it's owner).  You can see two of the "gems" here (lower left). There are 4 of these pieces in total.
(the rings to the left are NOT Berrocal's) The one to the right is pre-cleaning!
Disassembled pendant with "Jewel B"   There are 4 rectangular pieces with Cabochon.  Means nothing to me.  Mine are red and I understand the Mohs scale, but I wish I knew what they were.  A 7 upwards can be just about anything, but I'm guessing it's a garnet that has just been polished.  My disappointment?  You can only see the stones on "Jewel B".  I'm a girl who likes her stones. I only wish you could see the gems in the big piece,but sadly, I just can't work it out....unless....I put the horse upside down....There's a task for next weekend.
Here she is in her full glory!
The nice thing about this is that each piece can be interchanged.  there area a total of 112 different figures that can be made.  I've scanned the book and will play with it often.  So much for keeping a nice shine on this one.  It will be a well loved puzzle!  After all, one buys puzzles to play with, not display.  The book has a total of 20 pages worth of different configurations that can be made.  I don't think I'll be creating them anytime soon, but if you are at IPP, you are more than welcome to take it off me (at the price of a kiss on my right cheek) to play with and reassemble.

Am I happy!  You know it!