Notes from Puzzle Palace

Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 5-James Dalgety's

I can't think of a better way to wake up after such a perfect day than to know I'm headed off to see one of the largest puzzle collections in the world.  I was allowed into the Puzzle Museum!!

Berrocal Anvils
A quick shower and breakfast was wolfed down.  I couldn't tell you what it tasted like, it was gone in seconds.  And off I headed.  See, I made a mistake and was supposed to be there the day before, but the dates got messed up and well, it all turned out for the best.  I had a beautiful blissfilled day of sunny weather, woods and water, and the day I got to James' it was pissing down.  A great day to be looking at puzzles.  Although I did feel bad for leaving Lindsey to cook a meal and then not eat it.

Right.  On to the puzzle museum.  Because let's face it, that's what James' place is.  I spent 4 hours at James' walking around looking at puzzles and it was no where near enough time.  I was greeted at the door by James and his dogs.  Yappy little things.  Lindsey came in to greet me and the day began.

James took me around and showed me each of the cabinets.  He then started to open all the drawers for me. I saw Coffins, I saw puzzle boxes, I saw metal.  I saw so many different puzzles I don't know where to begin.  Four hours of walking through his rooms and I was over whelmed.  I didn't know where to to turn next.  I was in puzzle heaven.
an unknown Russian puzzle
An unknown automaton

I saw a Russian twisty puzzle that I've only seen in books. An automaton that was so intricate.  Something I had never seen before.  

Downstairs I came across this beautiful figure.  Until I looked from the side.  I love it!

I'm so glad James opened his house to me.  I was thrilled that he took the time to show me all the different puzzles he had.  After playing a bit on a pinball machine, I decided I had enough of the puzzle exploring and decided to take apart that Berrocal I had my eyes on. I asked James before I went to his house.

I'm afraid he was set up.  As I took Romeo and Juliet apart I handed James a piece and asked him what it was. Of course there was a camera ready and James with a quizzical look on his face explained to me that it was a penis.  He then proceeded to show me the very sensual move I missed.  I was thrilled and tucked into puzzle disassembly.  I carried on until lunch and wanted to continue after.  Sadly James had a presentation to write for IPP and I had to leave that beautiful couple disassembled.  Thank you James for reassembling it for me. I felt so bad for not having done so and thank you for allowing me to play!  I now know which my next purchase will be.

James has a page that is full of curiosities that he has been unable to identify.  Please go take a look and see if you recognize any of them.  The puzzle museum page is well worth the time it takes to go through.  There are just so many wonderful things to see, and if you ever make it to the area, I very strongly recommend a visit!  Thank you so much for the invitation James.  I hope the next time I'm in the UK that I have more time to visit with you and Lindsey.