Sunday, February 12, 2012

A puzzle funk-duck

Yes, that's what I'm in.  I know it's my own fault.  I've had other things on my mind.  I just can't seem to find the time to make a post about a puzzle that I've enjoyed.  It's that 'I have something to do that I don't want to do so I'm so busy finding ways to not do what I have to do that I have no time to do what I want to do'  syndrome. Now come on, admit it.  You've been here too.  Probably more times than you care to admit.

Well, today the bug is sick so we can't go visit the monkeys and I can either take a nap and procrastinate some more, or I can make a blog post.  So here we are.  Typing away and waiting for a photo to download itself from my phone.  (I haven't mentioned yet how much I'm beginning to hate that thing!  I can't get any photos off there anymore.  It's driving me bonkers)

Today I bring you my latest acquisition.  It is a puzzle that is beyond belief!  I have hunted and hunted and hunted for one of these and finally found one in a book store of all places.  I think I first saw one around a year ago and have been looking ever since.

Now this puzzle is truly amazing.  It is probably the most difficult puzzle in my collection-solving wise that is.  It has the standard 6 rubik's colors on it, but there is an odd twist to it. It quacks!

Ok, give a gal a break.  I'm trying to finish that thing I didn't even want to start.  I'll be back when I finish the darned thing....You can find your own duck at budproduct.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a bath!


  1. It is hard to make the time but we are all waiting with baited breath for what you have to say!!!

    It is partly your fault that I am now addicted to twisty puzzles too. I have just recently ordered a whole lot more. I think I am going to have to visit the HK and Chinese on-line stores to get some of the more interesting variants e.g. Dayan planets and Dayan Gems as well as a helicopter dodecahedron. Oh and then some of the larger cuboids and.......

    What have you done??? Mrs S is not going to be pleased!

    Kevin xx

  2. Nice duck...they have a really nice range of different colours and designs...I checked the site but they don't seem to do sales much is one of these "luxury" ducks anyway?

  3. Jerry, I'm not sure about the other ducks, but my duck set me back HK$90~US$12 give or take. Amazon doesn't have them, nor does this place But their prices don't look too bad.

  4. Oh, and I looked for this one for about a year before I found it at a bookazine.

  5. Thanks, the site has some interesting ones and you're right, prices are reasonable.