Saturday, February 18, 2012

Skewb transformations

Over on TP a young lad made a puzzle out of cardboard and good for him!  What a creative idea.  Seriously, I love what he did.

The photos that he posted got me thinking because I remember doing something similar ages ago.  After a bit of discussion, the puzzles needed for the transformation were found and sods law, I couldn't find what I was looking for!  But that has never stopped me!  I made the puzzle any way.  So today, you get photos of Rox "building a puzzle". (actually it's two puzzles, but whose counting?)

To begin with you need two different puzzles-a skewb diamond, and a skewb cube.  Preferably the Meffert's brand rather than the Mozhi but hey, I'm not going to tell you what to buy.  Be warned though, the Mozhi breaks easily.

Now this is so typical.  I couldn't find a tiled skewb even though I have a few.  All I could find was a holy Skewb so there you have it.  Complain all you want about this not being the 'original' but hey, we make due.

So the first step is to tear those puzzles apart. Skewbs are easy that way.  You just twist a bit and stick a flat head screwdriver edge in there and off you go. Pieces every where!

Next step, choose your core!  To make the cubeoctahedron version, you need the core from the diamond.  To make a star (of sorts) you need the core from the skewb.  Yes, they really are different.

Step 3 is to choose your bits.  In the case of the cubeoctahedron, you need to take the centers from both cubes and combine them.  All left over pieces-the corners-go into the star version.

Step 4: put the bits back into the cores!  Easy as pie.

Repeat the entire process for the next puzzle.  Done!

And now you have two new puzzles to play with.
Ok, so if you really want it to look nice, you need to take the stickers/tiles off and completely redo them.  Which leads me to my next idea...I'm off to email Uwe and ask for a few more puzzles.

Solving?  There is none with what I have made here.  maybe the star shaped one could be solved-I vaguely remembered it as being the case from when I really thought about it ages ago.  But the other-not at all unless the stickers are fixed.

Two new puzzles out of two old puzzles.  An easy transformation that even Rox can make!  (did you see that I made it easy for you Kevin by adding the links to purchase these?)


  1. I saw Ryan's post on TP. I like the idea od cardboad! And of course your's are creative too~

    Mozhi? I thought that diamond & skewb are from Lan Lan.

  2. Mozhi did one, LL and QJ. You just have to do a bit of hunting.

  3. Hmm now you have me thinking again - this is always painful for me!!

    I may well have to buy some more to try this! I will need to wait a while, she shouted at me yesterday about the pace of the enlargement of my collection! It has increased very quickly recently! I'll wait a few months and maybe give this a go. Still have to solve what I have got!!!

    Kevin x