Saturday, February 18, 2012

Testing day puzzling

So I do a lot of testing on the weekends.  The deal is 15 minutes talking to a kid and 5 minutes of twiddling my thumbs.  Repeat the process 12-16 times in the course of the afternoon and you can see why I NEED something to entertain me.  I usually bring along one puzzle that I have been frustrated by because it gives me a lot of time to think about it. Today I brought along one because I hadn't tried it yet.

The first puzzle up is called "perpetual puzzle-pesky parrots"  It's made by Lagoon Group and to be frank, I'm disappointed. This puzzle has 36 pieces to it and two different challenges.  Neither of which are very challenging.  Each bird has a beak and tail of a different color than the body.  So three colors per bird.  The object is to put it together so no two of the same colored body parts are touching.  I thought it would be a challenge, but it was simply a matter of working out the red, yellow, blue pattern and then moving the beaks and tails around.  All in all, it took me less than the break between kids to finish it.  An utter and total let down.  It was definitely not worth the money I paid for it.  But as I posted on 4 December when I first brought this in the house, it kept the bug entertained so maybe it is worth the money spent.  Added to the quickness of solving the issues I had with the puzzle is the issue of the pieces not fitting together nicely. There is a gap between some of them that is just...yuck!  For many years, I have been purchasing Lagoon Games puzzles.  This December I purchased 3 from them-I wonder if I got in on a bad batch.  This one has gaps and one of the wooden ones broke within a few moves.  I don't think December was my puzzle month.

Oh, and for the record-bug has just told me that the photo provided is not the solution!  

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