Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yet another packing puzzle

This is more or less the same as yesterday, and will be more or less the same as tomorrow.  Today's puzzle is brought to you buy smart games.  Upon opening, it looks much like any other puzzle of this type. Well, except for those little pegs that is.  Those make all the difference to this one.  

Upon completion of my candidate, I opened up the box dumped out the bits and started to play. Now this set is a bit different.  Instead of giving clues with the connected bits, the manual gives clues with those little pegs you see in there.  And there is the twist!  This puzzle uses pegs as well as connected circles.  And that adds to the challenge.  I'll admit here that the first puzzle set me back a few minutes.  (You can see the solution to puzzle number 1 just to the right.)  I'm sure it is because I had spent the morning playing with aliens.  But being the great puzzler I am, I did solve the silly thing and went on to enjoy a quite a few  more before I went home for the day.  

Ok, I changed my mind-I'm allowed.  I'm a woman.  The third puzzle I brought along was a bog-standard puzzle of this type.  I didn't bother to take a photo of it while working because quite frankly with the other two (I started with those) this one bored me very quickly!  While there are a lot of challenges to it, the regularity of the pieces isn't quite as exciting as the Hanayama I reported on earlier or the Smart Games above.  

We have all seen these I'm sure in places like flea markets or dollar stores.  I am sure I have at least 20 different versions of this hidden under the bed.  That's not to say it's not a good puzzle.  It is, It's just not as 'exciting' as the previous two.  

All in all, it was a pretty fun way to spend the day.


  1. I'm quite envious in a way - you have a legitimate reason to spend a large part of the day puzzling and do it almost every day too!

    My colleagues are really starting to give me strange looks! Today I brought in a square-1 to play with - great fun!

    Kevin x

  2. :) Kevin, I spend hours and hours puzzling away. Mostly just twisting and moving bits around without thought. The distraction of the movement helps me focus on the task at hand. Hm. Maybe I'll do a post of my office work space. Puzzles, chocolate, and wine! Yep, that covers it.

    And yes, they all decided I needed help around 10 years ago!