Monday, April 2, 2012

knot simple

I have chased this puzzle.  I originally ordered it from Bits and Pieces, but they sent it to an old address that I haven't used in about 5 years.  When I complained, I managed to get a voucher for the amount spent, but I really wanted the puzzle.  One day on facebook Voltaire prime from TP told me this was available over at PuzzleMaster and I jumped at it.  I lucked out and got it for a reasonable enough price. This was one in that box that I forgot I had ordered.  
It's called, Knot Simple.  I guess that means it should be considered a difficult puzzle.  Mr. Prime warned me that it would be an easy one, and I really think this should be renamed, "knot hard".  I brought it along for one of my testing dates and thought it would take me a while to disassemble and reassemble it. Not a chance. It literally fell apart in my hands.  This puzzle is a great idea with a rather ungreat execution (much like any puzzle I make I'm sure).  Putting it back together had me for a second.  The bits are so loose it is easy to get it wrong.  But, it's also very easy to see it's not right.  So it was a very easy fix to open it back up again and reassemble it. Now this puzzle resides in a box of other rather heavy metal puzzles I have collected over the years.  I'm glad I purchased it but at the same time, probably won't play with it again.  

Nice puzzle-not so nice construction.

three pieces


  1. Recently I met a new friend in Beijing here who likes Metal puzzle very much. I think I'm going to fall into the hole of collecting Metal!

  2. Oh dear Otis! If that happens you will have to buy a bed like mine.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more. Nice to look at but poor execution and construction.

  4. Bought this and another puzzle as Christmas gifts. All were poorly made and exactly zero of the solutions included actually matched the parts. Sending them all back after the Holidays. Beware!