Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 2

Today saw us at another factory. Only 1 this time but it was a BIG one. I can't give the name of course, but this time both George and Oskar were thrilled!
As for me? Well, I was with great company. I got to see two machines in action that I haven't seen before. An ultrasonic sealer and a blower injection molder. They were just so cool! Yet again I am amazed by what goes into making a puzzle. 
We were dropped off at the train station and after a hiccup or 2 I was finally able to get us tickets to GZ. As promised Ming was there to pick us up. We headed off to meet with witeden and had the pleasure of his company for dinner. A bit of cube signing later and we sent the big boys off to the hotel. Again it is late and I'm dead. Too much fresh air I think because there is no way I'm getting old! 
Until tomorrow.....

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