Sunday, July 28, 2013

GZ boys and toys-day last

Last night was the dinner. The long awaited dinner.
Ming I've later found out was in charge of the whole party. We had around 30+ people there. It was a roaring success! I wish I could tell you what the food was but truth be told, I didn't really eat. I drink better!  When we walked in I made a beeline for Da Yan for a big hug!  I missed my teddy bear. George later told me that he never saw me without my arm around someone. 
I brought along a bottle of whiskey for the dinner and toasted all who would drink it with me. Sadly it was only 9 guys. Leslie took home the remainder of the bottle and I've discovered he likes the hard stuff as much as I do. 
Oskar was the star of the show. One and all wanted a photo with him. I think they got more than one. The photo ops never stopped. 
The atmosphere was one of major celebration this time. The company was great and all had a great time. 
The lads left me in Mings capable hands and headed off for karaoke. Sadly, I wasn't allowed this time. I think they were doing business late into the night. Doesn't matter, there will be more opportunities for me to sing off key. 
Ming and I dropped off Oskar and George and headed back to our hotel. We invited over a few puzzlers and played the rest of the evening away. On to IPP!

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