Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday-day 2!

Photos first because I'm on my phone. Stay with me and read at the end. 
Exchange day. What more do I need to say? Nothing right?  Ok you twisted my arm. Ill tell you about it 
We started at 9:00 and the official end was supposed to be 3:00.  This year started off with around 100 puzzlers and ended with a mere 65. I had the cutest little bug for an exchange partner. At first she was bored but then she really got into it. 
After a while I needed a break and went out to get some air. The little vixen! Against all rules she exchanged 4 puzzles before I returned! Now my puzzle is to work out the object of those puzzles. After the exchange I stole a 1/2 hour for a bit of a kip. I'm beyond exhaustion. 
I returned downstairs to play with toys once again. 
 I immediately purchased Scott's balls I've been looking for those for over year. Of course Chilean(trillion) and fucked (pucked) up had to be added to the mix. (I just love auto correct!) And the maze that he did was equally good. 

After the exchange there were two workshops. The first was on impossible objects. And I leaned over to Scott's and said they were going to take the magic away. Even though I could see what was happening I was thoroughly mesmerized. The second was on origami. Holy crap! I didn't even bother I knew it was too difficult. And I prefer to embarrass myself in private. Of course Oscar managed to do the first two. My dear bug was devastated it was too hard for her and she loves origami. Carl did the same as I did he didn't open the pack. By this time I was thoroughly exhausted and went upstairs for a nap for a half an hour. 

Tonight's the banquet and we sat down at tables as usual I'm with Oskar his wife Dave Carl his wife and a couple from Ireland. The entertainment tonight is a magic show. The first trip was speed solving a Rubiks cube by throwing it up in the air. I'm sure he cheated, because the cube was off-camera for a while. The food I survived on bread  tonight. It seems that there was nothing except seafood. And with an allergy to that, it's difficult to eat. But hey beer has wheat in it doesn't it? I've always been a better drinker than an eater.

I'm hoping to pass around it that we have a twisty puzzles meet up tonight but I'm not sure if that will happen. As always I let the pictures speak for themselves.