Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday-puzzle party

I will first start with the night before. After the banquet we had the twisty puzzles party. Most of us stayed in the lobby until around one 130. Photos follow.

I love the exchange it's great to be able to come home with 65 New puzzles. But the day that really tickles my fancy is the puzzle party.  It's one massive room full of people selling nothing but puzzles. 9-3 with nothing to do but buy toys. It's a great joy every time.
This year I had a table with Dave again. And we had the bug to wait it out for us as well. Dave and ii took it in turns to shop and run. That's really the best way to go it. 
My first purchase of the day was a $20 origami book for the bug. From there it was a massive purchase of hanayama puzzles for the guys across the border.  I Box a whole bunch of talking tile puzzles the slim ones some for the guys some for myself.  A puzzle or two from Hendrick. And really that was about all oh I did get Wil's Coke bottle.  
I spent more time selling puzzles that I did find puzzles. But that's a good thing. Because tomorrow I'm going to Torito to buy more. I got rid of most of what I brought over to sell. And I gifted away a few others.
Next up the lecture on Hanayama puzzles. Tonight is the awards banquet that should be good fun it usually is.
Have I mentioned that I'm exhausted. I've been running on empty. I think tonight I'll be puzzling in the lobby as usual. And I know I will sleep on the plane on the way home.

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