Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hong Kong Puzzler gathering #2 and #3

No, I'm not being lazy, it's really that both of the second two gatherings were quite short for me.  I had a house warming at my bosses for the first, and birthday party for one of the lads for the second  so my time with the guys here was short and sweet.
My boss and his wife trying to solve Cariatide.

I'll start out by saying I love it when Otis comes into town.  He's one of my real boys.  He's just great and I adore him.  Any excuse to meet up is good for me.  No, It's great!

The second dinner saw the usual suspects, Smaz, Otis, Myself, but we also had Kim and Phillip with us as well as Michael's family.  It was a nice little gathering of friends.

When I got to the restraunt, there weren't many puzzles out and I felt horribly bad for only bringing along a few metal toys.  Of course the first thing I did was give Otis an unsolved Cariatide to reassemble.  He did a bang up job of it!

Even Michaels son got into puzzling.  he was playing with the coin safe I bought a few years back and the Tdof I picked up last year.

 Yes, there is something wrong with this photo.  Can you guess what it is?

Michael Explained to us how to solve this puzzle.  I'm not sure of the name, but I kept calling it a peppermint twist.  Mr. Strijbos sells them for  interested parties.

 Kim and Phillip were given a go at the Berrocal and it took two to reassemble it.

The obligatory ring on hand shot.

The boys are almost done!

All and all, this gathering was very short for me.  Only an hour or so.  I didn't get to spend as much time with the guys as I'd have liked, but I had that other thing to go to first.

So on to gathering #3 of Otis' stay.
We met at a restaurant in Wan Chi where we had taken Hendrick before.  I was working over there and Michael very kindly worked out that I would be able to find it easily.  When I arrived both Otis and Michael were already there.  Beer was ordered, a glass downed and then the party could begin.  

 Of course, Otis asked for another Berrocal and this time I brought along Christina.  I had an ulterior motive with this one.  It was stuck and I needed help moving the parts.  Otis dutifully took her apart.

Again the obligatory ring photo.

I also brought along a few other puzzles.  Oskar's Writers Block made by recent toys.  (which was solved with the aid of a toothpick and a lot of laughter)

 This one is simply called Metal Art. It's like a snake, made by a company in Taiwan.  Hendrik showed it to me at the toys fair so I had to pick up a copy. It works like a snake, but can be disassembled and reassebbled-Oh wait, Oddzon made one of those in the early 2000's didn't they.  Well, this one is metal and very heavy.  It's a highly recommended puzzle if you can find one.  (by the magpie in me)

Puzzle's brought.  3 people, small gathering.  But the puzzling doesn't matter as much as the company does.  I can't wait for the next time Otis comes to town.  He's said maybe April, maybe May....Next time...Zoraida and David.

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