Monday, June 9, 2014

Amsterdam and puzzling

After I arrived in Amsterdam, I was picked up by a non-puzzler friend and taken out for a nice dinner along the beach.  We headed to my hotel around 10 and met up with the team.  I fully intended to go to the conference, but….

Puzzlers got in the way.  I had a wine reception on Wednesday evening.  I did attend for an hour.  Worked the room, made contacts, set up meetings for later in the week and was rescued by Maarten Bos.  He and I left for a bit of puzzling over dinner and carried on into the wee hours as is usual for me.  He brought along a few twisties and I let him play with my Berrocals (recurring theme here-they never leave my side).

The next morning, Maarten had to go back home and work, and I was off to the conference.  While we were at the train station I received an email and was invited to visit Nanco’s collection.  So much for conference!

He was a lovely host. He gave me free run of his home and I just photographed and talked.  He had many puzzles I’ve not seen before.  He’s one of the few people that have the full set of Wil’s bolts.  From there he took me upstairs to see his calculator collection and his telescopes!  An amazing man.  We went out for a rather long lunch, and then headed over to recent toys. To visit Guido for a while.

I learned about the canals and a few new toys…. It was a great afternoon.  BUT…I had schmoozing to do in the evening so like all good things.  It had to come to an end.

Stay tuned for my trip to Oskar’s.

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