Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My last day with Oskar and José

How can one beat a puzzle party?  By going on a bike ride and hitting a museum of course!

We woke early, I packed up my now clean laundry (many thanks José) and once again boxed up a bunch of puzzles to ship home.  Do you see a pattern here?  We had breakfast, chatted a bit then jumped on the bikes and headed for Den Haag. 

The first stop was the Escher museum.  Amazing! I’ve seen some prints before, the classic ones of course, and I have the fish and lizards puzzles so I thought I knew all I needed to know.  Nope!  There were so many designs I had not seen before, and the portraits! Stunning work.  José pointed out some drawings of Delft and the tower I but bumped down along with some other buildings he sketched. 

From there we went to the peace palace.  Now Rox is a little bit slow as we all know.  José and I were talking about it on the ride to the building, and it suddenly dawned on me which Den Haag I was in.  Oh my.  What a fool I felt like.  I studied history for many many years; have two degrees in the subject and was clueless about my location.  (Maybe it’s a good thing I teach English now.) 

They made a full day of this for me.  Our next stop was the beach where we saw some cute statues of different fairy tales.  Next and final stop was a mirror maze.  I loved this.  Found the door rather quickly, so Oskar had us go back through yet again.  The second time around I got a bit confused but since I’m here now writing you know I made it out.  I had to chuckle.  I asked José if she had been in one of these things before.  Her reply:  “with my husband, yes!” As if I asked a stupid question.  In hindsight, I did.

From there we made our way back to the house, and chatted some more before they brought me to the train station.  I was sad to leave, but know I’ll be seeing them again in August. 

Many sincere thanks to Oskar and José for a wonderful weekend.  I had the most enjoyable time.

Next up: a visit to a puzzle palace!

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