Friday, August 1, 2014

It's that time again

Once again it's time for the biggest puzzle party of the year.  The one everyone looks forward to.  That's right.  IPP!

I'm sitting here at home getting ready to take off for the airport.  In 18 short hours or so I'll land and be picked up by a dear friend only to drive onwards back to Warwick and the good couple Allard and Gill.  MPP is Saturday morning and then Sunday will bring a puzzle hunt at some undisclosed location.

From there its a few days of visiting with friends in the UK before heading over to the main event!  Yes, this little girl is excited yet again.

After a bit of panic and what now is worth laughing over, Uwe managed to get quite a few puzzles sent off to London for me. All are waiting at the hotel we will be staying at.  Thank heavens they got there on time.  I'd have been very upset if they hadn't.  I'm pretty sure the recipient would have been too.

Right, time to take a shower and lock up those suitcases.

Stay tuned for postings on my take on IPP again this year.

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  1. Have a great time at IPP!!
    Completely out-of-the-box (although puzzle terminology): why do you have that nice car as avatar. Is it yours / related to you? Is it of the brand Singer? (love more such cars check my pages: and