Friday, March 20, 2015

And then there were three

Berrocal Micro's that is.

Anyone who reads my blog and some of the random rubbish I post on Facebook will realize that I have been on a bit of a mission collecting the Berrocal Mini puzzles.  I managed to win Micro-David a few years back and have been looking for Micheline X, Micro-Maria, and Micromento ever since.

Well, I did it.  I found 2 of them!  Both were sold through auction houses recently, and I can now say I have only Micromento to look for.  (I know, I know.  That won't be the end of my collecting, but it will be the completion of the set.)

I was asked if the micro puzzles are the same as the mini puzzles and the answer is yes, but no.  They have a similar outward appearance, but the insides are just a bit different.

The first biggest difference between the micro's and the mini's is the ring. The rings inside each of the micros is a mesh band that can be folded around one of the internal pieces.  In the Mini puzzles, they are a solid banded ring.  The micro rings are a size 6 while the mini's have a 6.5 or 7 depending on the puzzle.

Starting with David, the Mini David has 22 pieces while the micro has only 17.  David was injection molded in 1968, while micro-David-off was made in 1971.

Michelle has 17 pieces while Micheline X has 23.  Michelle was produced in 1969 and Micheline X was made from 1975-1976.

Maria has 23 elements in both the mini and micro edition.  Maria was made in 1968-1969 while the micro version was made in 1973.

These are beautiful additions to any collection.  I highly recommend them to one and all!  I can be seen sporting these puzzles at puzzle parties worldwide, and love to have my friends share the pleasure of taking them apart. If you happen to see me with one, ask and I'll gladly hand it over for disassembly.

For more information on Berrocal, please see his website.  


  1. *Drool* Puzzles...want...must...have! It's really interesting to see the differences between the Mini and Micro editions. I didn't realise that the differences were so significant.

  2. Which price did you pay?
    And where did you find it precisely, :)

  3. They can be bought for as low as US$250 or the micros upwards of US$1000, the Mini's range from US$250-2000. You just have to hunt for a good price. Deals can be found.

  4. I need a mini goliath! MAybe that would be affordable? ;-)

    Kevin xx

  5. I don't see any good deals for $250 :-(

  6. You just need to hunt and be patient. That's all I've done...

  7. Another set to hunt down eh? Perhaps! The minis are higher on my list though, since the puzzling aspect of them appears to be greater.