Monday, July 6, 2015

Amsterdam and a few puzzlers

After returning from my trip into China, I was off for conference season again.  This time Mr. Man decided to come along for the ride.  Poor guy was bored out of his skull.  Between puzzling and study he really had to entertain himself.

Our first stop was Amsterdam, he'd never been and I wanted to pick up some licorice.  Oh and stop in and see a few puzzlers as well.  We decided to go walk around the city and take in a few of the sights, and on the way, I stopped in a museum shop.  I managed to find a Rubik's cube at the Van Gogh museum and of course had to pick up a copy.  As we were walking, I realized that we were just a block away from Nanco's house so I gave him  a call and we stopped by to see his collection, and to have a late lunch and a few glasses of beer.  I really enjoy meeting with him. He's such a friendly man and oh so interesting to listen to.

Nanco had a dinner reservation so we said our good byes with the promise of returning on my next trip.  The next day was Monday and we were off for Finland-study and FPP-but before we left, I had one last person I wanted to visit.  I had to make a stop off at Recent Toys and say hello to Guido.  I had seen him in January at the HK toys fair, and he promised me a copy of Houdini. Since I was in the neighborhood......I thought I'd stop and take a few photos as well.  His office is cock-a-block full of toys!  I love looking at them. Not surprising, I had all but the two that he gave me.  Of course, in my defense, I've been playing this game for a few years now.  We spent an hour there chatting about production woes, new things to come, and his next visit to HK.  I'm sure I'll stop by and say hello again on my next trip in....

So far, it was a good trip.  And the best was yet to come.  FPP and a short visit with Oskar and José....


  1. Great post, Roxanne. I'll have to get your recommendations for puzzle shops in Europe during my own occasional travels there.

  2. No worries Steve! I'll gladly give them.