Friday, July 26, 2013

Puzzling trip with Oscar and George

This is going to be an exciting two weeks for me.  On Wednesday afternoon I left work after long meeting ran home and pack my bags quickly.  Jumped on the train to Shenzhen.  Navigated my way through the metro system in Shenzhen.  Met Jing and went to uwe's  house.  From there we headed off to the pier to pick up George and Oscar on their ferry. We had dinner and drop the three off at their hotel.  
Ulrich kept me up until good God 4 o'clock in the morning. Back up again at 7:30 to meet George and Oscar at their hotel.  We were supposed to meet the car at nine but it didn't show up until almost 11.  First trip was to a factory to see the moldmaking process it is such a cool thing.  The factory owner was so sweet. He opened the treasure chest mold so we could see it. You should have seen the look on oskar's face! He was thrilled. The next step was to see the injection machine. Now I've seen this many times before but it always amazes me. 
From there we headed out to the assembly line and packing plant. I loved the detailed instruction cards. And really enjoyed watching Oskar pack a puzzle!  Uwe left us to head to Vegas and the rest if us carried on to another factory to see more big machines. 
Dinner saw us at a Japanese noodle shop (in China!) with Ulrich along for the ride, dinner conversation was way past my man tool level! 
Off to the hotel for a long and well deserved kip. 
Today we head to another factory and a train ride to Guangzhou. 
Appogies in advance, these are phone posts. 


  1. Envious of your trip and even more envious of the company you keep!


  2. Wow, nice Rox,...I would love to pay these factories a visit!