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Thursday, June 20, 2013


I had fully intended to Blog about this puzzle a month ago but as usual life got I'm the way.

I found this one on eBay for a steal.  I'm pretty sure it's a bits n pieces version as there is no signature on it.  But then I don't remember them making this one.  If any one out there knows the source of this version I would sure love to know about it. I have looked on the web and realize that this is a Rocky Chiaro design.  

As you can see, this is a nice hearty piece of brass.  It is in the shape of a golf ball, he ss the name I'm guessing.  It has a nice little stand on it which is easily removed by simply unscrewing the top and pulling out the pin.  As you can see, the puzzle is a nice little burr that isn't overly difficult to solve.  8 pieces in total is all this little beauty holds.  It's a bit tricky because the pieces are made in such a way that you easily slide them into the wrong place.  

All in all it's a fun little puzzle that did manage to stump me for an hour or so.  If you can find one, I would recommend it. 

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