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Friday, August 5, 2011

Finaly Made it!

After what seemed like the plane ride that would never end (bug told me we were awake for 23 hours when my head finally hit the pillow.) we finally finally finally arrived at our destination. For anyone who ever goes to Europe, a word of advice-don't transit through Charles De'Gaul. I was told it was a disaster and should have listened. One hour 3o minutes time-normally that would have been wiggle room. Not so here! Just barely had time to get onto a dinky little plane, then they left us sitting for 20 minutes because of traffic. No problem, but at least pass the booze. :)

Never mind! I'm here! I'm here! I'm here! The first night saw me sitting in the lobby for about 3 hours saying hello to a few old friends. Bug and Matt went up and slept while I attempted to find a cure for puzzle lust, jet lag, too little get the idea. I gave up chat, and prayed for sleep at 11 pm.

Upon waking up, I took a jog down FreidrichStrasse (yes, I know it's spelled wrong-no, I can't find the write symbol) and finally did something I had been waiting a year to do. Legally cross that border without being detained! :) well, I guess when it no longer exists as a border that's easy to do.

Enough of my silliness, on to puzzles. The next morning saw us heading out to the home of another puzzler. His place! Amazing. When his wife said 'the house is open' I thought, Ok. And....? And is right! Toys Toys Toys. I was impressed. And we all know that is getting harder and harder to do. Hm. A photo perhaps?

Ok, so we spent a day eating, chatting, playing with puzzles. A 2 hour drive later and we made it back to the IPP location. (ok, so everyone knows, but I was asked to be cagey about it. :)

Last night saw us having the 3rd annual TP gathering, which included the usual suspects, but a few others as well-Mark was here as was Geert and his wife, Anthony joined us this year and Klara! We played with loads of toys, ate a bit of food, and generally had a good time.

If I can get the Facebook thing to work in here, photos will be posted today. Fingers crossed.

I'm off to have breakfast, and a walk around the town with Dave and family to see what else has changed...

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