Notes from Puzzle Palace

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today I have for you yet another packing puzzle I picked up at Ipp31.  This one  is made up of 5 different shaped pieces.  Now this puzzle I fiddled with for at least 10 break periods.  It was a tough bugger to say the least.  I can't show a solved state because, quite frankly I couldn't find one.  

I was able to fit in 4 pieces in 5 different configurations, but I never quite managed to get the fifth piece into place.  I'll not even show any of the groups of 4 that I found because that might help others solve what I couldn't and I'm just mean that way.

Was it fun?  Well, it was frustrating.  I'll be heading back to it on another testing day I'm sure, but not in the immediate future.  There are too many others I haven't gotten to yet.  


  1. I have been doing some packing puzzles recently in the hope that I will improve! No chance - I just seem to randomly place things and see where they will fit! Maybe I should give up on them? Or at least just stick to the 2D only ones! This one today looks particularly pretty (and difficult!)

    Kevin x

  2. I liked this puzzle. Took me a while but I was able to solve it. The circles puzzle below, however, I have not solved! Keep trying!

  3. Slogging away and trial and error got me to the end result George. I did the unthinkable. I drew circles with letters on them to remember what I tried. Shocked? I was. It is doable though.