Notes from Puzzle Palace

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I do send out regrets to one and all. I haven't abandoned you, I've just been traveling for work and then a long overdue vacation. (My first non-puzzle one in about 10 years! I kid you not).
In the past week I've met fellow blogger Jerry in Singapore and twisty puzzle builder extraordinaire Traiphumi in Thailand. When I return to HK next week I promise to write out a trip report and post photos. Sadly, I've found no puzzles in either place that I don't already have.

Stay tuned for an update in about a weeks time!


  1. Looking forward to reading about the whole adventure, puzzles or otherwise.

  2. You really have every one of Traiphum's puzzles? Wow! I am impressed and really pretty jealous!

    Kevin x

  3. Kevin, I only have one of his puzzles. After going crazy with Flambore and Calzone, I decided one per builder. I've no room for any more!