Monday, November 14, 2011

Why have a blog and only use it once a year?

I've been reading blogs like the puzzle starved fool that I am and realized that no one posts nearly enough to satisfy my puzzle lust. Some of my favorites are Neil's, Brian's, Allard's, and Gabriel's. But since they don't update daily....

Well, if you can't have a blog, why not a web site? I'm a religious reader of Twistypuzzles and not just for the obvious reason that I'm supposed to be a moderator over there, but because I really do love to read what other puzzlers are creating and enjoying. I'm tickled that the fine gents over at renegade puzzlers decided to let me into their holy halls of puzzledom. I've managed to get Wil's email, but have yet to get on his mailing list. That saddens me. But not for long, because all I really need to do then is head over for a walk down to my favorite wholesale shop and see if there is anything new to be found.

One of the great joys of living in Hong Kong is my ability to find puzzles almost without looking for them. My street corner buys...what can I say? Well nothing. I'd be bragging. But if you are interested in something I have shown somewhere do tell.

I am lucky to attend puzzle parties in China and the last two IPP's. I'm excited about the next one because I'm certain I'll see old friends again and meet new ones or some that I've only 'met' virtually.

So why write now? Well, why not. I have decided that maybe YouTube video making isn't enough. Or maybe it's more than enough. Lord knows I'm not very good at keeping that webpage of mine up to date. It has seen better days that is for sure. So this page??? Let's see if I can't make a post or two to keep you entertained, and keep me out of trouble.

So for today? Why not go over to YouTube and take a look at a few of the videos I've put up this morning. That should do you for a while. I'll have to sort out a first puzzle to write about....should it be a twisty? or wood? or maybe a hanayma? Stay tuned friends. I'll let you all know in the morning.


  1. There's never too much puzzle information out there, and it would be great to read more of your puzzle-related musings. I'm looking forward to reading what you come up with!

  2. Thanks Oli. I have a feeling this will be very much along the lines of "this is what I can't solve today" :) But you never know, on occasion I may get lucky.