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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas lists part 2

Ok, so maybe not part 2 but the real Christmas list. When I was younger, I was Thrilled by going through the JC Penny's catelogue each year and circling what I wanted for Christmas. I remember one year I circled this thing called a CRACKED marble menagerie . My mom said absolutely not, and in the run up to Christmas that year I was the saddest girl in town. Imagine my surprise on Christmas Eve when I was handed a very noisy gift by my mom! Well, it was straight into the kitchen to boil those marbles for me. Forget the rest of the gifts....

Well, that's a bit how I feel this year again. My husband has decided that he will just give me money. But he's stipulated that it MUST be spent on toys. :-) Does he know me or what?

So what's on my Christmas list then? Well, I'm a simple gal really. I don't ask for much. Silly as it sounds, I want a Hanayama Donuts. (No, I haven't got one yet. There is nowhere in HK that sells them, and to buy one from overseas...I may as well wait until next summer) I guess those are around US$12 give or take. They also have some really neat new puzzles! Oh I want those too.

I want some SmaZ dino cubes-8 of them to be exact. I want a mass produced version of each handmade he has made for me. (hmmmm. Maybe I should write a page about him one day)

I'd add the Mf8 kilominx to the list, but since I've already ordered it....I guess I can't.

I'll add a few Karakuri boxes to my list. The egg is one I saw in Japan 2 years ago, and I'm sooo tempted to toss away my list and just go for this one, but then...I wouldn't have enough money left over for the dice box that I foolishly didn't make that same year. Maybe the rest of the small boxes would be good too.

Now, if I could find a real jugo flower, I would love that, but since I already have one of Wil's versions, I'll not hunt too hard. But as long as I'm talking about Wil, I have heard he makes some pretty cool bolt puzzles...

I'm wondering what is left to collect. I have almost every twisty puzzle made~ok you nay sayers, I just haven't gotten around to posting videos of everything I have. Or maybe I should say I have what I set out to get. That sounds so much better. No, most of what I set out to get. I am still missing that Gundam Zaku puzzle, and the pudding dog and hello kitty heads but other than that...Oh I'm sure I'll be able to find more if I look hard enough.

But what I really really a bigger house to store all these toys in!

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