Friday, January 6, 2012

On the Twelfth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me
Twelve Puzzle Pages
Eleven Cartoon Puzzles
Ten Dexterities 
Nine Tiles Sliding 
Eight Twisted Tangles
Seven wooden puzzles 
Six Stars-a-shining
Five Puzzle Rings
Four Revo Mazes
Three Diamond Puzzles
Two Crystal Dolphins
And a Santa on a tree.   

(To really get the full rendition of this day you need to go here then click file then click download original.  This will open the photo as a pdf file on a new window and you can then click on each of the numbers to view some fantastic puzzle pages that I enjoy!)

I hope you enjoyed my little rendition of the 12 puzzles of Christmas this year. I know it was a bit different and probably not at all what you were expecting.  I've been in the process of writing a book and have all this useless knowledge....Add to that Bug being old enough to work out how to count the rhyme cadence and we had a poem!  She chose all the puzzles from days 2, 3, 6, 9, 10 and 11.  Her choice, her counting, my writing.   In addition, after I wrote the first 12 puzzles back in 2009, I've always wanted to do a puzzle tree.  This year I had a bit of time, so why not!

The links have been added along the way to introduce you to some of my 'puzzle haunts', and the last day really is worth the hassle you need to go through to open the pages.  Some are blogs I've been reading daily for the past year, some are puzzles I have enjoyed in the past and still enjoy today, and of course the number one spot is taken by my all time favorite web forum.  There are many more wonderful webpages dedicated to puzzles out there, but sadly, there are only 12 verses to this song.  My apologies for any and all that didn't make it into my top 12. (of course, I purposely didn't add any on this last day that sell puzzles as a business, I didn't want to be accused of being biased!)

Just another bit of nothingness, this post was started off as 12 unknown puzzles, but then bug realized I actually opened my puzzles on Christmas Eve so by the end of the 12 days they were known.  Add to that,the fact that I got 13 puzzles and she said it didn't work.  Can't argue with that logic, so instead I'll give you a photo of my 13 puzzles of Christmas.

I've already written about Unhappy Childhood here, and recorded a YouTube video for each of them.  I'll write up about them each at a later date.

Sadly, I didn't manage to get a photo of bug with ALL the puzzles, but I did get her with the tree:

Bug and I hope the three kings bring you blessings in the new year 
and that 
La Befana brings you more than coal!

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