Wednesday, January 18, 2012


In September of 2009 I purchased my first 1x2x5 from Olz. It was a good price, he was (and still is) a young builder, and I was just starting to really collect handmade puzzles.  (I'm still not into that whole shapeways thing.  They make my hands feel dirty) Eventually I got the puzzle and enjoyed it.  A very easy little thing to solve isn't it.

In August of 2011, one of the gents from Hanayama brought a 1x2x5 to IPP and showed it to Oskar.  Now, being me, I grabbed it and snapped a photo.  This got me into a bit of trouble with Olz who of course knew it was coming out, but couldn't say anything (it's a shame that the designers are not able to shout it from the rooftops).  But then, why should it have done so?  I asked permission, and I did have a handmade copy, AND I purchased a puzzle that was already listed on the website, as well as being sold in Japan.  When I got home from IPP I went on my puzzle videoing marathon and put this one up that shows both versions that I have.

So a few months back I was searching for the new Hanayama Crystal Puzzles (bug simply loves the things) and I stumbled across a set of keychains. Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on a set.  and what a set it is!  16 new puzzles in one batch.  Now there is a lot of solving...or not.
See these are so simple it's not funny.  They are great little puzzles to give to kids though.  Mind, this set will probably break. They have tiny little bits in them.
So how do they turn?  Well, they are a bit stiff.  Tight maybe?  They also have this clicking thing when they are lined up which I think is completely pointless.  The puzzles to the left are a bit more difficult than the first one I purchased all those years ago, but only because That one only had 6 colors and these have writing that I can't read.
There are 2 in the set that are tubular.  These are a bit harder to turn simply because they are hard to get my hands on.  The rectangular ones are easy enough, and the 1x2x2 (I'm not sure of the designer) are more difficult to mess up than to solve.  I've made videos of them all as usual  (I'm doing pretty well on the-I'll video it as it comes in the house-front.  Photos of the individual puzzles can be found here.

These can be purchased through Hong Kong Now Store as well as Torito.

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