Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HK Toys and Games Fair

SmaZ and I left GZ on the 9:45 train for Shenzhen.  By the time I got home it was midnight.  I know he had further to go so I feel for him.  The next morning I was up by 10 and headed straight over to Wan Chi for the toys fair.  V-Cubes had a booth there again this year and I looked forward to seeing my friend Konstantinos again.  When I got to the booth, he was no where to be found, but ther was a lad inside with a funny accent, kind of tall, dark eyes....I took a gamble, gave him a hug and said "you must be the cousin" gamble paid off.  This was cousin Bill. He's a nice handsome fellow with another of those verdes smiles. A tall drink of water as well.  I spent the better part of the fair looking up. 

 So.  The fair.  I'm disappointed this year.  I mean I did see lots of old friends but there were so many more I didn't have the chance to see.  My normal 'fair' is to stay and work the booths with someone for the full 4 days.  I take time off work, reschedule classes, what ever...well this year I had blasted meetings didn't I? Way too many of them truth be told! Wednesday morning I went in for my class and figured I'd spend at least the aftrnoons with the boys.  No such luck! I was stuck all day.  So Thursday then.  Well nuts if I didn't have another meeting Thursday morning so I ran like the wind to get to the fair by 1.  I was meeting puzzle master there and didn't want to miss them.  We chatted for a bit and I went off for a few hours to find oth old friends.  I found east sheen and had a good laugh about getting a taiwan puzzle in HK.

 It seems my friend Wil told a company from HK about me in Germany last year and I had to go take a look at their new products.  I laughed because I met them a couple of years back, talked about puzzles in schools and had a nice convsation.  They wouldnt sell me a sample though because they thought I would copy it.  Thanks to Wil, I now have samples on the way after the NY fair.  This one I purchased from Wil I think in Japan.  Go figure.. But so very typical.  Think of my problems with getting Hanayama puzzles in HK.

  Took a look at what smart games had on offer then visited with the folks from Dilemma for a bit.  Next stop Beverly to place an order for next month when the next fair is over.  They have a few new crystal puzzles coming out.  I stopped by and said hello to the bouncy ball guy and got  a few for the bug (you can never have too many bouncy balls can you) picked up a Teddy bear for her and went back to the booth.  No tangle this year.  So sad.  That means I have to go during the summer sourcing fair.  Oh well, more fun. 

Calvin and Tiffany came by and we started to pack up.  Konstantinos wanted a dress for his girl so we headed out to do a bit of shopping.  We said goodbye to them in causeway bay, then headed back to the hotel because Bill said he needed a change.  I hopped a cab with them and off they went to the airport.  Because of strange scheduling next year, I'll have the whole fair off.  Konstantinos has threatened to stay home and have cousin Bill do it himself.  Fine by me, I'll enjoy his company just as much! 

No photos of this one today. Sorry guys.  I flubbed up making a video of a puzzle (which has since been removed) I want to end this posting with an apology to V-Cubes and Konstantinos.  All the rubbish and nasties I kept reading, I made the video to show how great the new one is.  I didn't stop to think at all about your wishes.  I do hope eventually I will be forgiven.

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