Monday, January 21, 2013

Why I hate bloggers and how I became a magpie

Today I went to a testing session sans puzzles.   This gave me plenty of time to think and read and sadly for my pocketbook, order more puzzles.  So what does one think about when stuck inside for the 16th day in a row.  One thinks about puzzles of course.  Then I started thinking about other bloggers and the next thing I knew, I was rereading old posts from some of my favorite bloggers.

With that came the lamenting of puzzles not purchased.  Had to go hunting then for those puzzles didn't I.  To bad I didn't find what I've been missing.  I checked every online shop I know, I went through ebay and still no puzzles.  Oh well, one day after all, they are only toys...

This set me back to thinking about why I like puzzles to begin with.  My grandfather started me on wire disentanglements.  I quickly outgrew these when the Rubik's cube came out and I stayed with those for a log long time.  Over the years I bought some Hanayama, but not nearly as any as I have now. A few wire puzzles would get added every now and again, but again, they were few and far between.

And then I met Tom.  He gave me a metal puzzle that just tickled me.  And that started the hunt for shiny bits.  Since then I've managed to find lots and lots of them!  I have a stack of Wil's puzzles, a box full of Hanayama (all but Harmony and I'll have that in time) and other wire disentanglements coming out of my ears.  I've some Rocky bolts, I've a number of locks, I've some Berrocal's, I've got tons of Bits and Pieces shiny bits....I've become a magpie.

And a hoarder.  Seriously.  You've all seen photos of my shelves, well the under-bed and the two cabinets on the balcony are just as bad.  The only thing I can do is blame the bloggers.  The more I read, the more I want.  See, it's all their fault, and that brings me right back to where I began....reading old posts.

*I should have woken up earlier and brought some puzzles along this past weekend....


  1. Rox, you're every bit as bad as the rest of us. Your collection far surpasses most of the rest of us (combined) however sometimes when you can't own a puzzle, just knowing a little about it can make things better somehow... Admittedly, that does lead to the search for that puzzle, and a longing when it shows up somewhere, followed by disappointment when you realise that your funds won't stretch to buying it. Still, the puzzles keep our minds sharp, and allow us to disconnect from the day job. I love my collection, and won't stop reading about the collections of others! Now off to meet with the Israel Puzzle people!

  2. You know you love us really!
    You can never expect to own everything so at least you can read about the things you can't get hold of yourself! That's where we come in - consider it a public service or civic duty!

    I am just as bad - I'm a magpie for all things shiny, all things wood, all things twisty.... You get the picture! I have learned how to do it from the very best - YOU! My collection is fast getting out of control and I plan to continue as long as you and the other bloggers keep encouraging me!

    Plus remember what Allard taught us: "It's all Oli's fault!"

    Kevin xxx

  3. ...all together now: "We all blame Oli" - ;-)


  4. Funds Neil/ I'm facing major space problems! LOL thinking of going in those deep dark crevices over Cny and culling a bit. I also hate you all because I go through reading withdrawal! LOL I'm sure you do as well.

    Oli? I can't blame him :( I haven't met him yet....but the day I's all his fault!

  5. Feel free to cull in my direction ... of course you'll need to teach me how these twisty things work if you cull any of those my way ;)