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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Character puzzles by artbox

I had a day of testing and a bunch of puzzles to make.  See, these all started with a couple of puzzles from 7-11 around 6 months back.  Typical, I got 7 out of the 8 so I am not posting until I find the last one.  But, around the same time I got a Ding Dong of another type.

One of my favorite haunts sells these things in various shapes and the last time I went over I got a bunch.
Today I give them to you fully assembled.

bunches and bunches.

So what are these but glorified jigsaw puzzles? Nothing really. I just thought they looked cute and they are a good waste of 10 minutes time on a Saturday testing session. I would however highly recommend them for the younger puzzler. they are just tricky enough to be a challenge and yet simple enough to be fun. This set has anywhere from 30 pieces to 42. Not too many that it is impossible.

Because they are made of a soft rubber, they also have just enough give to them to be able to smoosh the pieces in. These are typical of the 'big head' puzzles being put out over the last few years in that you need to twist each bit in a different direction to get them in. There is no straight forward push into place here, and that is probably a good thing because if there were, they would fall apart easily. As it is, these take a bit of work to disassemble.

Not bad for the price. And hey, anything to get me through an afternoon of testing....

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