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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 9 Puzzle Party

This is the puzzle sales event of the year.

We wake up Saturday morning.  Eat breakfast early and grab the cash.  Today is the puzzle party.  A big room full of people selling puzzles.  I know when I get in the room to make a bee-line for Marcel Gillen's table followed by heading over to Wil's table.  From there it is just walking around the room and finding what can be found.

Unlike in years past, I didn't leave with many purchases.  As it turns out, the longer you collect the less puzzles you need to find.  It's not that I have them all, but that I am more selective in my purchases.

Rather than babble on about this, I'll let the photos speak.

I know there were events in the afternoon, but as with yesterday, I wanted a nap before the awards dinner.  Later that night and rather than repost all of the winners I'll just send you over to the main page to read the results.  As usual, at the end of the dinner Rox got up and shouted for the puzzle forum groups to get their photos taken.  Yes, I did it without a microphone. Good lungs the girl has.  

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