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Monday, December 8, 2014

A visit from some Kiwi's

Long overdue posts are coming.  'Tis the silly season which means lots of time out of the office.  Over the next few weeks I hope to catch up with my puzzling adventures.  I'm hopeful.

After IPP finished, I had the great pleasure of having Louis Puzzleman and his wife Sue visit us.
Because of the size of our home, they of course did not stay with us, but they did visit the flat, and we met up in town as is normal for HK people.

As I was stuck working that day and couldn't get out of it, I shamefully let Louis and Sue make their own way to their hotel. As soon as I finished I went over to meet them and we wandered around the area before meeting up with Saul for dinner and a few drinks.  I took them to TST so we could see the avenue of the stars and the lights.  I Louis was so happy he gave e a big old kiss for taking them around.  (Have no fear, Sue took the photo!)

The next day was an around town puzzle hunting trip. Sue and bug went off to look at girly things while I took Louis to the man street and one of my puzzle haunts.  We found a few nice pieces of silver that I have since turned into necklaces.   In the middle of the afternoon, we headed over towards my house for the obligatory photo by my wall of shame.  But first a stop for dim sum. Louis played for about 4 hours and bug showed Sue how to play with loom bands.  Later she took a nice nap on the sofa.  I can't blame her, I kept them running all day and in the Hong Kong heat, a nap was well deserved.  Yet again, Louis had to teach me how to open the Yot I and II.  I've had these for years, I think I bought the from him years ago and have never really 'learned' how to open them.  He took a gander at my Berrocals and I did the usual disassembly of one.

The next night they were in town we went back to the water front and also went over to the Temple street market.  Louis got one heck of a deal on a set of puzzle locks.  I told him if he didn't purchase them I would.

I've been there many ties over the years and that's the first tine I saw a deal like that.  Mind, I'm sure Sue having fits and walking away helped get the price down quite a bit.

The next day saw us out going for a hike.  We had planned to ride the cable car but because of weather warnings it was closed down and that was a bust.  Instead, we walked over the hill and ended up in a fishing village.  Had a very nice lunch over there and a wet walk back to the cable car offices where we had stored the luggage.
The last stop of the day?  Hong Kong egg tarts.  A must for anyone coming into town.

I took them to the airport and gave a long hug goodbye.  But as always, I know I'll see my friends again in a year or two at another puzzle party.

Sorry for the long delay between postings, but as always, work and study come first....

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