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Saturday, January 3, 2015

A couple of Dutch cubers

After returning from my last trip to Europe I was invited to GZ for a night of puzzle competition and yet another dinner.  This time I brought Mr. Man along with me for the ride.  We left Saturday morning and met Smaz in Shenzhen and took the train up to GZ.

What was the occasion? Ron van Brucham and Hanneke Rijks were visiting from Holland.  They were in Japan for a speed cubing competition and had contacted Ming to see if there was a competition being held in China at that time. Ming being Ming immediately set up a competition.

We arrived and went to Mr. Fok's warehouse and waited for Ming and co. to come over.  From there we headed to his new warehouse and had a long play with a few puzzles, good chat, and even better company.

We headed back to the old warehouse to pick up Uwe so we could have dinner and more chat.  Another boys and toys....You know the drill.  Food, puzzles, drink....

When dinner was over we all headed to our hotel and had a good sleep.  The next morning Mr. Man, Smaz, and I went shopping.  We had lunch and dinner with another puzzler and headed back to HK.  A very short in and out trip but well worth it.  Another friend made.

Jump ahead a day and Ron and Hanneke showed up in HK.  As always, I was willing to play tour guide and we got together for a walk around some art gallerys and such.  I had a dinner arraigned for them and the HK puzzlers showed up.

The next day I planned a trip to the Hanayama offices and of course we walked away with a few toys and another nice afternoon was spent with Kyoo.  That is always a pleasure.

As usual we had a nice evening and at the end I walked them back to their hotel.  Chung King Mansions!  My first time to step into this place.  I'm afraid all the stories I've heard scared me off.  the next day we met and I took them off to the airport.  As always, it was great fun having visitors.  And even better making new friends.

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