Monday, January 13, 2020

Dinners at the Millers

Any who have read my posts in the past will know that I have a thing for Berrocal Puzzles.  George and I first used a set in the Netherlands many years ago when it was delivered to us.  Since that first dinner together, we had decided to purchase 3 more set.  Over the years I have managed to obtain 3 cofinettas and one Posateria Veronese.  This means we can have a dinner for 8 people.  
In situ

Pieces broken down
Another decision we made was to only use the sets with other puzzlers.  Since we have moved to Boca, we have had two Berrocal dinners.  This week, that number increased to four.  The first was for our decorator.  Now I know the isn't a puzzler, but she has been so interested in the Berrocal's and has begun to purchase them for her clients.  We knew she would appreciate the service.  

The second was a dinner we had with Nick Baxter and his wife.  They were in Florida for a wedding and found the time to stop by to check out the house and to enjoy a nice dinner with us.  

I take great pleasure in cooking, and believe it or not, washing the dishes after.  The handles of the Berrocal service are so sensual.  It is a joy to wash dishes when you get to feel these.  There is also the added bonus of being able to reassemble the Puzzle when everything is done.  I have sent photos of this to the Berrocal Foundation and they were thrilled that the pieces are 'living art'.  If you have a set, I strongly urge you to make use of it.  It is well worth the time spent polishing and washing.  

Service for 2
An empty table
I hope you enjoy these photos of our last two dinners.

Water and wine goblets
Hostess set

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