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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Days 4-11 of the Advent PuzzleTree

Some of you may have been following on FaceBook as I post photos of George's advent gifts. Since I'm not open to public viewing, I shall continue to post them here. Today I give you a rather large clump of puzzles caused by a glitch in the editing program of blogger. When I tried to add days 4-5 last week, I was confronted by html code. I can't do anything with that so I gave up and let the blog post. Only later to realize there is a little button that got pushed.  Who hasn't been at this for a while?

On Day 4 George opened DDD burr set. Made by Darryl Adams, Brian Turner, and Eric fuller. It was purchased from There are 12 tiny burr pieces in the box. Of course the first thing he did was to enter the pieces into burr tools to see how many solutions there are for it. These pieces are tiny. about 1/2"x 1 1/2". Very small for my lovers big mitts. Brian has a webpage selling other burr pieces, I'm told none of which were included in the DDD set. 

Day 5 brought him 2-in-one puzzle Designed by Oskar and made again by Eric over at cubicdissection. As with the earleir puzzles, he chucked this one into burrtools but this time there was a twist. He didn't know the finished solution so he did a bit of creative programming of it. After he got the burrtools solution to work, he set about solving the puzzle. This time it was more difficult and required the aid of rubber bands and an extra set of hands. Our puzzle is now assembled (incorrecly) and on the shelf in my office. 

Day 6 was the tumbler puzzle by Jon Keegan. He did not like it at all. He opened the box and went straight to a video of the solution. After one botched attempt, the puzzle was thrown at me to attempt. I was sick that day and had a brain of mush. Needless to say, I didn't get far with it either. It now resides up in the metal room alongside the cylinder puzzles it was named after. 

Day 7 was yet another hit for puzzles. Back to something he likes. Get in the Box by Andrey Ubtjuzhanin. He initially thought it was a TIC, but after disassembly, he realized he was wrong. He made short work of this puzzle. It was disassembled and analyzed within all of 10 minutes. (He's a clever one, unlike his wife.) He then set about putting it into burr tools along side the other Advent PuzzleTree puzzles.

Day 8 was caged poly cubes designed by
John Rausch
made by
Eric Fuller
. It almost got tossed away because yours truly is an idiot and only gave him the cage. After a photo on facebook and some help from a friend, the cubes were found in the box for day 17.
That would have been a long wait to finish a puzzle. Day 17 was then swapped out by yet another puzzle I had in my top secret gift hiding spot. FYI: burr tools says it will take two years to solve. It is now up and running on his desktop that he rarely uses. One day he'll be able to solve it.

Day 9 was yet another burr set. This time from Rombol. He has yet to put it into Burr tools. I'm not saying much about this because I am sure I'll post on his burr sets later. He's amassing quite the collection and burrs are like Berrocals. You can never have too many. Right?

Day 10 George received T-one by Osanori Yamamoto. I thought it would take him a while, but he had it finished in no time. He rather enjoyed it I think. There were a few twists and turns that I could never manage. But looking at this photo now, I do believe I have a 3D printed version of it up in the circular room.

Day 11 was opened and inside he found Stepping Burr by Eric Fuller. This one was purchased back in March so to be honest, I totally forgot I had purchased it. I'm sure it will go into Burr Tools tomorrow. Tonight he got called to dinner soon after he opened it. It was a fun one to watch him solve. 17 moves and a shake and he had it in pieces.

I hope you've enjoyed this week. More to come.

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