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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Vase Wall

This past weekend we got a rather large chest in the mail.  I was looking on line at Karakuri boxes and came across trick chest made by Tsuchiya woodworking factory for Izumiya.  I saw this chest when I was in Japan in 2010 and wanted to purchase it then.  Well, that didn't work out and I'm glad it didn't. I'm sure I wouldn't have it today. So when I saw it, I bought it. When George woke up the following morning I said, "while you were sleeping I went shopping in Japan."  I did buy quite a few other items that night.  Insomnia is not good for the pocketbook.  

And now on to the real puzzle this week.  Well, not really a puzzle, but a large number of puzzles.  We have completed the vase wall and have removed the scaffolding.  It is time to show it off.  James' helper Mandy has dubbed it the Great Wall of china.  I like it.  I've named it the vase wall because the light system needed a unique name for that set of lights.  The name stuck.  It is truly a sight to behold.  A video of it can be seen on my YouTube channel. 

And now on to the news of the museum.  This week we found someone to take photographs for us that is more reliable than the high school kid we had previously hired. (Two weeks of no-show and no calls.) Meet Morgan and Tevin. Yes, you've heard the names before. They came to our small puzzle party, and we enjoyed their company so much that we hired them on a part time basis to photograph the puzzles for us.  We are starting here in the mirror room, and moving over to the museum when they finish this room.  I am impressed.  In two days, they learned our system and have done 2 of 12 columns.  I think we will keep these two.  Add to that that Tevin is a puzzler and I'm even happier.  He understands how to handle these things.  

George and I like having a variety of puzzles this week we are making a road trip to Atlanta to get one very strange puzzle.

On a recent Gathering4Gardner auction I won a couple of items.  A George Hart sculpture which is now hanging in place in the museum in front of the vases wall, and a massive 2x2x2 meter^3 hyperbolic plane. Today we are on our way to pick it up.  I'm still fearful of flying and George's brothers have a massive pickup truck that will hold this beast so why not take a trip up for a day, pick it up and bring it back home. 

We've got two built in planters around the void.  One has been filled with some strange looking artificial plants complete  with butterfly and ladybug puzzles.  The other has been waiting for the right filler.  This will be it.  By this time next week it will be installed where it belongs.  This item will add a nice splash of color and a bit (more?) of craziness to the Puzzle Palace.  

Until next week, happy puzzling!

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