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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Another visit from a friend and a nightmare of an illness.

We have had a busy time since our return from the Netherlands.

Our second day Back Ginda Fisher came over for a visit.  I picked her up from the Chiusi train station and brought her home for supper and a short conversation. The poor girl was exhausted from her travels.  The next morning, George and Antonio took her to get a rental car as the place was closed when I picked here up. 

This visit was a nice one for George and Ginda, but a real horror for me. I picked up strep throat when up north and by this time was wanting nothing more than to stay in bed and be a vegetable.  I did concede and  visited the doctor.  The price of medication here astounds me.  I was taking antibiotics, another pill for the cough and some drops to clear the phlegm and it was only 9 euros! That is simply unheard of in the states.  Sadly, two of the medications did not agree with me, but the bed rest did and I began to get slightly better.

George gave Ginda a tour of the castle, and I prepared dinner for him to put in the oven and headed back to sleep.  (Sorry Ginda).

The next day was not much better for me, but I did manage to give Ginda a tour of the hotel and the Casa di Ghiochi before collapsing back into bed.  She and George spent the afternoon chatting while I recovered a bit more. 

The third day Ginda was on her own and headed to Orvieto for the day.  This is one of my favorite places to send visitors who want to venture further from the castle.  The duomo is amazing, the underground is eye opening.  It's an all around wonderful place to go.  

By the weekend I was feeling a bit better and made a few 'good' meals and as is our usual, we went out to Gallo for dinner.  

I was going to make a Berrocal dinner for her, but was so miserable I simply couldn't.  Have no fear though, she was allowed to solve a few and seemed to enjoy it.  

We also managed to play a game or two of Eurorails and yes, in the last one, Ginda beat me. Well done!

I took Ginda for a ride over to Castiglione del Lago for a tour of their castle.  As usual, I stayed on the ground floor while Ginda climbed the tower.  I'm still terrified of heights, and while the tower is lower there, ours is divided by floors so it is easier for me to get to the top without fear.  

While there, we saw an 'interesting' art exhibition...

Ginda took her leave to head to Germany for an event she had there, and I took back to my bed. This bug was really doing me in.

The next afternoon, Elena took me back to the doctor for yet another round of medication.  It seems all that bed rest wasn't enough and I needed another dose of antibiotics.  By this time I was so miserable, I was taken back home, put into bed and really don't remember the next two days.  

Thankfully, we were guest free for a week and by the time Rod and Merry arrived, all I had was a terrible bark. During that week George and I took off for Perugia to get a new oven for the Casa di Ghiochi and two mirrors for our master bathroom.  I'm sure glad we bought this van.  It has come in very handy over the past 6 months.  

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  1. Sounds serious, rest! Wishing you to feel better quickly!