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Monday, May 13, 2024

Steve and Nigel come for a visit

Steve came to visit with us a while back and while here, we were discussing Nigel who felt left out.  There was a politeness on Steve's side when he didn't invite Nigel without our consent, and a sadness on Nigel's when he wasn't asked to come along. (Hint to all puzzle friends; just drop by.) 

This month we rectified this.  Steve booked a flight and I sent the invitation to Nigel.  Problem solved.  They were on their way.

I picked Steve up at the airport in the morning and took him for a bit of a shop before heading home.  We had lunch then I headed out to pick Nigel up from the train station.  The guys set to work puzzling or something while I got started on dinner.

We had a great week of puzzling, unpacking, and building.  There were a few nights of competition drinking as well, but we won't discuss those. 

The guys all spent some time working on the 3d printers.  George got a few tips and we ended up buying new plates for the Bambu's.  Sadly, the new heat beds didn't come in on time so those didn't get changed out.  

Somewhere along the way we had a Berrocal dinner because, why not? I'll cook and set it up, but someone else has to do the dishes.

We played a few games of Italian rails and while I was teaching Nigel how to play, George and Steve ganged up on me to crowd me out. I don't remember who won, but it wasn't me.  

It was a few days of hard labor for them too.  They spent a bit of time assembling my exchange puzzle, a bit of time unpacking some of the wooden puzzles we have.  And for this I can't thank them enough.  The castle is almost completely finished.  

There are a few glass shelves I need to redo in the mirror room as the first glue we bought was no good and it falls off the mirrors.  

We went to Masolino for dinner this time around as well as Gallo.  Spreading the love around as it were.  We had a breakfast or two in the square and the guys enjoyed a few walks around the town.  

I had Nigel try the trick door to no avail.  

He and Steve had a go at Richelieu.  (Or is it Richie Liu?) Stan Issacs had taken it apart quite a while ago and I couldn't get it back together.  The boys did it with strict instructions to never disassemble it again.  It's had a hard life and it looks like the prior owner took some sort of a saw to it. 

On the penultimate and last night they were here we had a go at the Mega Mansion.  This was just recently uncrated so it was the first time it has been played with.  I love it!  Sadly, we did not finish it, but it is waiting for their return in the fall to be finished up. 

All in all it was a great trip full of laughter and friendship and we look forward to their return.

Until next time...Happy puzzling!

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