Monday, January 2, 2012

On the Eighth day of Christmas

My true love gave to me
Eight Twisted Tangles

Seven wooden puzzles 
Six Stars-a-shining
Five Puzzle Rings
Four Revo Mazes
Three Diamond Puzzles
Two Crystal Dolphins
And a Santa on a tree.

Ok, I've made no post in this song that wasn't a puzzle-but now I do.  The Pink Tangle at the top was a purchase years ago.  The rest are either gifts from Richard at various times of going to his studio or  the annual Tangle .  Tangles are the creation of my friend Richard X. Zawitz.  I've known Richard for about 19 years now I would have to guess.  On a very causal basis.  (No, no sex stories here I'm afraid)  I met him for the first time at the HKTGF when I first attended.  I've helped on occasion at one of his toy booths, and always make a point of going to see Mr. Tangle when there is a fair.

He's a nutter if I ever saw one.  As it turns out though, his Hong Kong art studio is just down the block from Uwe's Hong Kong office.  I love taking guests to HK over there to see his work. And of course, I love going to the fair to get the annual Tangle.  I have loads of them now.  So many that I've begun to give them away to friends whose children have learning disabilities. I believe in these things for focusing attention.  You can read all about Tangles and their creator here

I can't wait to see what he has in store for this years tangle!

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