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Thursday, October 25, 2012

A box of burr bits

I saw this pictures of sticks over on A puzzle forum I browse regularly and later saw a battalion of burrs on Facebook and thought I'd be cheeky and order one. Lucky me! About a week later I got a bill and a request for a mailing address.   I felt lucky to get it because the designer didn't make that many.  I think it might have been only 8 sets.

Jack did a wonderful job on these!  When the box came in, The first thing I did was feel that burr inlay on the cover.  See, I thought I would be able to feel it, but it is so smooth that I can't feel a thing.  Very nice work.  I spent a bit of time looking at the outside box.  It really is nice.  The fit of the cover is fantastic.  So much so that I found a bag to put it in so it wouldn't get all scratched up.

Time to open it up and see what is inside! Upon opening, I was in for a surprise. There are 42 different burr pieces in there.  It's such a chuckle for me to see this.  I'll be honest, I was expecting it to be much bigger, so this just tickled me.  A Roxanne sized puzzle! That isn't something you see every day.  Looking further, you will also notice that there are 7 cards with a total of 181 different puzzles inside.  That should keep me going for a long while!  Each of the burr pieces is nicely labeled so you know exactly which ones to grab out of the box to play with.

The best thing about this set though has got to be the little tiny set of tweezers!  Jack mentioned that the burr bits measure 1cm x 1 cm so unless you grow nails,  the tweezers are a must.  He's thought of everything  here.  I can't wait to start building some puzzles.


  1. I missed out on this one! I hope you enjoy it - it looks beautiful!


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  3. I've seen another done by creative Crafthouse, but I like the size of this one. The bits fit nicely in my hands. My only complaint it the cards are so small I need to do the back and forth thing to see them. Must be time for another eye exam...

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  5. Sorry all, a bit of tidying up caused your posts to be necessarily deleted. If you have issues with people or places, please take it up with them. I can't help.

  6. My apologies, I was just wanting to know if you were having similar problems.... :'(
    Any ways back to the subject... have you tried the Creative Craft House burr set? It is very fun and has levels from 1-5 included. I discovered a rather tricky non-unique level 5 design.

  7. This is my first Burr set Aaron. I have lots of burrs though-already made into lovely puzzles. It was very pretty so why not get this one. Jack did a fantastic job on it.